Friday, August 16, 2013

Timmelsjoch Day 1: Familiar Territory

Sunny summer morning today, and just back from Ireland. Nico and me had planned something akin to an Alp crossing, but not the full distance. 
We planned to leave at 9.00 o'clock but due to problems with the GPS Track and a visit at Jons + bank we where 1 hour late. 
Set of for Kappel at 10.00 o'clock (had to wait for a train on the way) and then carried on along Achtal. Whilst biking towards Grän we saw holidaymakers stop to take pictures of brown cows, so everything in Allgäu has stayed the same. Before Grän we turned of towards a mountain called the Adlerhorst and had our first climb of the day. Overtook some other bikers and families and couldn't see my GPS that well to discern the right way (sun was shinning in the wrong angle). Along the mountain with some interesting forest paths and dried up river beds we reached Nesselwänge (always have wanted to see that). Had a foot bath in a Kneip (a cold water cistern) before having lunch at a restaurant. Nico had a Speckbrot and me a Wiener Schnitzel. Found out on my England trip that that is one of the best thing to eat.
After lunch, down a path along a pass into the Lechtal. Through the Lechtal and after that up the longest way today. Biking in 30℃ with white stones under you isn't very comfortable, you get fried from all directions. Got a headache after a while but pressed on. Also due to all the sun Nico got a rather bad sunburn and me a minor one. Of course both of us had not packed any sun lotion to counter it, so we were getting rather red. Reached a reservoir at the middle and had a short break at the dam, looking at the engineering. Continued along the lake and then a long stretch uphill. Had a short rest at one point in the shade with a spider clambering over Nicos leg. Onwards uphill were we split up for a short bit, Nico carrying on uphill and me taking a flatter route to Berwang. Met up at the church and continued on towards Lermoos. Nice tracks through the valley going towards the Zugspitze and a super single trail at the end. There were somewhat meaningless piles of earth on the tracks, just to give the bikers an extra kick.
Arrived at the bottom all hyped up and followed another biker to a much to expensive hotel. After finding out it cost 80€ per person we searched for something else, which took some time as everything was booked already. Found a comfortable and relative cheap stay in the end and after a shower we went to have some dinner. Wanted to buy some sun lotion in a SPAR but it had already closed. After dinner it was back to the hotel for a good night rest.
Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 5 hours 45 min.
Distance: 64.4 km
Average speed: 11.2 km/h
Altitude meters: 1455 m

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