Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thursday Pfeiferberg

Typical Thursday set up once more. The day tends to be nice and sunny with a few clouds here and there and towards the evening it always darkens down. Set of from home with a rare drop of water here and there. Felt it more than saw it and whilst waiting for Heidi and Gabi had a chat with the neighbour.
Reaching the gym we were greeted by a fair amount of people, even Wulfi, which is a rare sight in these weather conditions. Set of at 18.45, as usual, and headed of towards the Haslacher Alm. Instead of going strait past it we turned left a bit before and continued up Stubental to the Stubentalalm. Moni and me stuck to the back to conserve our energy for later uphill trips. We heard Sepps gears messing about, a problem which will most likely be repaired sooner than later. A short walk and we were near the Stubentalalm. Down a bit and then right, up the Pfeiferberg. Did a few stops on that part of the trip, as I have never been up there before and wanted to get some pictures. We rallied at a few stops and walked through some mud to get to the Obere Reuterwanne. Long clothes on as we were heading downhill, a few nosy cows standing nearby. Sepp opened a gate for us and apparently closed it again when half of the group had passed through. We met a bit downhill at which point I heard a strange whistling sound. I asked if somebody had a puncture and it turned out Sepp did have one in his front wheel. After repairing the puncture we sped down to Wertach, with a short detour over Bichel. Considering the dark sky, we went along the right side of the Grüntensee and later in Wertachtal, Inge suggested we take the route up to Reichenbach. Shortly after we set of it started spitting some raindrops so we high tailed it to Gschwend instead and then strait back to the Bistro. Hopsing arrived shortly after and told us he had met Wulfi coming the other way, who was fleeing the dark storm clouds that Group 2 had been biking towards.
A fun evening with lively discussions in the Bistro.
Track at GPSies, some pictures at Picasa, Dads report from Group 2 here and a detailed report here.

Time in saddle: 2 hours 30 min.
Distance: 31.83 km
Average speed: 12.3 km/h
Altitude: 750m

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