Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Alpspitze Grat

Out biking today again. The Tuesday group decided against race biking today, instead preferring mountain biking as the weather was not that well. Rainy clouds hanging about and a cold wind blowing. Complete opposite to last week with >30°C and stifling air, this week had just under 10°C.
Nico and me joined the Tuesday group and our first task was to wait. Heidi was running late from work and whilst we were waiting for her Wera showed up and joined. Once Heidi had arrived, up the Alpspitze past Maria Trost. Stopped for a few pictures, as I have borrowed mums camera.
Nico and me parted with the rest at the crossing to the Kappler Alm. They went downhill while we carried up to nearly the top. Reaching our highest point it was time for some posing with the bike and camera. Got some pictures and carried on to the Rapunzelh├╝tte. Once there, long things on and downhill. The first part involved quiet some carrying and short bits of biking. Nico fell over behind me at one point. When I turned round at his shout his bike was lying on the left side of some trees and bushes with him no where to be seen. A short moment later he appeared on the right side, somehow having gone through the bushes. Nothing serious, so we carried on. Lots of bouncing on big stones and roots. Reached the end of the big stone bit and shot down to our next disaster.
Arriving in a cow field I tried to go through some mud, but my pedals scraped the side of the trench. Nico, evading, ended up in a mud pit, his bike literally getting stuck in mud up till the disk brakes. After a lot of laughing and pictures we carried on towards Bayerstetten, throwing mud everywhere. Nico had rather a lot in his face, no mud guards on his bike are to blame. Then back to my home for a spray down of the bikes. Went to Nico's after that and got the videos he has been doing on his GoPro. Back home through dark Wertachtal with a shower waiting at home.
Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa. Dad's blog here.Nico has made a collection of his videos at YouTube.

Time in saddle: 2 hours 30 min.
Distance: 20.26 km
Average: 8.1 km/h

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