Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Race Biking after England

So, back again, after 1 months of not cycling because of my f***ing tow. Destroyed my plan to cycle to England, but next year will hopefully be better.
Started cycling today with race biking, which I am not a that big fan of but today was really good. Just came back from England and before even packing out my suitcase put on two new race bike tires. Of to Jon's quickly to get them pumped up and some gears repaired.
At 18.45 o'clock there were four people there, Jon, Neill (Dad), Moni and me. Perhaps it was just to hot for the rest (about 30°C). Apparently the past week had been like this. Set of towards Marktoberdorf and were in Rückholz fast. Jon spent most of the time at the front as he had a low pulse today and was the GPS-Man. Shortly before Rückholz on a long downhill stretch to get some speed, my back reflector flew of and I bombarded Moni and myself with it. Nothing serious happened so we continued. After Rückholz we went some weird track which shouldn't be done with race bikes (gravel, grass,...) to reach a Geocache which was found fast.
After that of to the next Geocache towards Rückholz. Had to walk through some fields again and reached a nice spot at the edge of a forest overlooking a marsh towards the Alps. Took some time finding the Geocache ( found a heap of bones first) but Moni succeeded in doing so in the end.
Along the road next to the nearest lake and had a short swim. Nice and warm water, really refreshing. Of to Jon's last to have a drink, but exhausted ourself going up the steep hill behind Rückholz.
Nice track but not really for race bikes. My pictures at Picasa and also some from Jon an Neill.

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